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Cyrano R3 : Cyrano is fi’zi:k’s latest range of cockpit components, comprising handlebars, stems and seatposts. Handlebars are highly-stressed, safety-critical parts, making strength and fatigue resistance of paramount importance. Low weight is of course also a priority.

Cyrano handlebars are available in three models, according to material specification, and in three shapes to fit different rider physiques, as described by fi’z:k’s Spine Concept system. Each shape is carefully designed to give easy transitions between different riding positions – tops, hoods and drops. The range of nine fi’zi:k Cyrano handlebars models are each available in a choice of four widths, to ensure a perfect fit.

The Cyrano R3 is made using Ergal aluminum; a 7075-series aluminum, with a high strength-to-density ratio that has the highest level of stiffness. Ergal also has good fatigue resistance, particularly important in handlebars. The Cyrano R3 Snake have the longest reach (85mm) and deepest drop (140mm), with a rounded curve than traditional bars. This shape allows highly flexible riders to adopt a low, flat-backed riding position with horizontal forearms.

They are available in four sizes, with the 420mm width weighing just 245g.

Body Material: Aluminium Ergal

Finishing: Matt Sandblasted Black/White R3 details

Diameter: 31,8 (clamp) – 28,8 (top)

Reach: 85 mm

Drop: 140mm

Weight: 245g 

Available Size: 400 - 420 - 440 - 460 centre to centre.

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