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Brand: ALE
Versatile waterproof and windproof jacket. Water-repellent fabric with a highly breathable membrane. Air-tight high collar, minimal but sealed seams a..
CADEX 4-Spoke Aero Disc Tubeless RW CADEX 4-Spoke Aero Disc Tubeless RW
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Brand: CADEX
CRUSH THE CLOCKFrom the winds of Kona to training rides in unpredictable conditions, the CADEX Aero 4-Spoke combines proven aero performance with conf..
CADEX Aero Disc Tubeless Disc Brake
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Brand: CADEX
There is no greater proving ground for an aero wheel than an Ironman triathlon. It’s 180km, just you against the wind. No drafting, no hiding. Chosen ..
CADEX Tri Frameset CADEX Tri Frameset
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Brand: CADEX
This is a no-holds-barred triathlon machine—no restrictions, no limitations. The CADEX Tri frameset is designed, engineered and put to the test by the..
TCR Advanced 2 Disc Hematite
New -22 %
Brand: Giant
Gunning for the race win or digging deep for a PR, this composite road racing bike gives you the speed, efficiency and control to push it to the limit..
2,490.00€ 3,190.00€
Brand: Oakley
Whether you’re attacking a group ride or hitting epic mountain passes, the Endurance Mix Bib elevates your performance with lightweight comfort. Breat..

All Top Brands are here!

Cervélo, Formula, Giordana, KTM, Maxxis, Santa Cruz, Zip Vit and many more!

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