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Brand: Lezyne
Compact, durable cycling light with a machined aluminum body. It features built in cooling fins and cutouts for side visibility. Its single LED design provides up to an impressive 500 lumens of output and eight output modes—including a Daytime Flash mode. Runtime has increased by 2.5 hours for up to..
Brand: Lezyne
The Macro Drive 1300XXL is a new high-powered LED cycling light offering up to 1,300 lumens of output. It features our Tri-Focus optics, which creates a brighter center spot in a large wide-angle pattern. It’s constructed from machined aluminum and has cooling fins that optimize performance. The lig..
Brand: Lezyne
The new Strip Drive Rear Pro has been optimized with our new Wide Angle Optics lens (270° of visibility) and received a massive 32.5-hour increase in maximum runtime for up to 53 hours. It still features a class-leading 300-lumen Daytime Flash mode, in addition to 10 other output options thanks to i..
Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Alert 300LM Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Alert 300LM
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Brand: Lezyne
The Strip Alert Drive is an advanced LED bike taillight with our custom-programmed “Alert” technology. It features our Wide Angle Optics lens that provides up to 270° of visibility and an innovative automatic braking sensor. When decelerating, the light will turn solid like a brake light and then pr..
Brand: RFR
Headlight RFR Diamond HQP Black - 13870Waterproof.Three operating modes.Long LED life.Easy installation.Battery life: steady 50 hrs / flashing 150 hrs.Weight: 22 gr..
Brand: RFR
material: plasticweight: front: 40 g incl. batteryrear: 16 g incl. Battery120 lumen3 functions front light4 functions rear light..
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