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CADEX 4-Spoke Aero Disc Tubeless RW CADEX 4-Spoke Aero Disc Tubeless RW
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Brand: CADEX
CRUSH THE CLOCKFrom the winds of Kona to training rides in unpredictable conditions, the CADEX Aero 4-Spoke combines proven aero performance with confident handling and control. The added crosswind control of the 4-spoke design makes it a top choice for pros like Ironman World Champion Kristian Blum..
CADEX Aero Disc Tubeless Disc Brake
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Brand: CADEX
There is no greater proving ground for an aero wheel than an Ironman triathlon. It’s 180km, just you against the wind. No drafting, no hiding. Chosen by some of the world’s fastest pros including Olympic Ironman and Sub7 champion Kristian Blummenfelt, the all new Aero Disc WheelSystem is the fastest..
Profile Design GMR 50/65 Tubeless Profile Design GMR 50/65 Tubeless
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The GMR 50/65 is oriented towards triathlon use – the deeper rear wheel helps improve stability in the aerobars along with a small aero boost.For road racing the wheelset suits a rider that intends to be on their own at some stage of the event.The GMR 50/65 Tubeless Rim-Brake is optimized for wide t..
The wheels include a set of Continental 5000 tubeless tires!The power of aerodynamics.In describing a racing bike wheel like Wind 55 DB, you start with aerodynamics: it's time to try out on your bike how a finished and optimised profile down to the finest detail is able to make the difference. The 5..
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