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Brand: Castelli
DESIGNED FOR THOSE SLIGHTLY COOLER DAYSKeep your feet warm without the hassle of a full shoecover. These toecovers slip easily over the front of your shoes and are held in place by the cleats. The rugged underside of the toe will add grip and resist rips or tears thanks to a silicone print. The toec..
Klimatik Shoe Covers
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Brand: ALE
Thermal waterproof overshoes with sealed seams to keep your feet dry even in the worst weather conditionHigh 22 cmWaterproof shoecoverWelded seamsReflective details on the back Rainproof brushed Temperature -2° / +8°..
Brand: Six2
Waterproof overshoes for the most extreme temperatures and rainy daysThe neoprene membrane is completely coated and waterproof, insulates the feet from cold and rainWater-resistant coated zipMaintains the natural thermoregulationWaterproof winter shoe coverWaterproof shoe covers for the coldest temp..
Brand: Six2
Ideal overshoes in intermediate seasonsThermal insulation and abrasion resistanceProtects from cold air and temperature changesShoe cover made of Smart Covershoes® fabric. Its cordura and polyethylene blend guarantees thermal insulation and abrasion-resistance.Ideal in the spring and fallto protect ..
Brand: Six2
Rainproof and windproof rain coverPerfect during the mild seasonEasy to wear and compactToe CapWaterproof and windproof toe cap in neoprene fabric, perfect for chilly days, easy to put on, light and compact, so it's easy to carry in your pocket when you’re out.X-MIX ACCESSORIESX-Mix is a range that ..
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