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Fox Enduro Knee Sleeve
-20 %
Brand: Fox Racing
Lightweight slip-on knee sleevesOur Enduro Knee Sleeves are trail tuned and offer pedal-friendly protection on the trail. Made from a moisture-wicking micro-lycra material and featuring a nylon mess rear panel, they keep the air flowing as you pedal up and earn the down. They allow full range of mot..
60.00€ 75.00€
Fox RaceFrame Impact
-12 %
Brand: Fox Racing
Fox Racing Raceframe Impact CE Roost Vest The Raceframe Impact CE Roost Vest does it all. This low-profile armored vest is engineered to fit the rider just like a typical roost guard. Simultaneously, the vest gives the rider CE Level 1 protection at the chest and back. The Raceframe Impact CE is ven..
149.00€ 170.00€
Brand: Kenny
Elbow guard designed to ensure optimal comfort and a high level of elbow protection thanks to the new shock absorption technology, HEXAFLEXThe protection is ensured by an innovative system of modular panels of pyramidal and hexagonal shapes developed and manufactured in FranceHEXAFLEX technology all..
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