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Bliz Fusion Nano Photochromic Matt Black

Bliz Fusion Nano Photochromic Matt Black
Bliz Fusion Nano Photochromic Matt Black

ou and Fusion make a great pair. You’re both tough, flexible and unbeatable! This is a unique model, technically advanced and fully adjustable. Low weight and fitted with Jawbone technology. Adjustable nose pad and temple tips provide superior comfort. The large, ventilated cylindrical lens maximizes your field of view.

Fusion Nano Optics Photochromic is equipped with a photochromic lens that automatically adjusts the darkness of the lens to the strength of the sunlight (UV light). The stronger the sun, the darker the lens to keep you performing at your best no matter the conditions. 

The lens ranges between categories 1-3 depending on the weather conditions. In addition, the lens has minimal distortion and integrated anti-fog properties.

General properties

Fusion is a unisex model best suited for average-sized faces. The adjustment possibilities are almost limitless. Fusion has outstanding comfort and function, with Jawbone technology that lets you adjust both the visual performance and the look. This model is developed to meet the exacting requirements of demanding sports such as cycling, skiing and multi sports. Whenever amateurs or elite athletes need  superior equipment – Fusion is there. A pair of glasses that will always allow you to perform at your best. If you’re picky and hate compromises – Fusion is the choice for you. In this Nano Optics Photochromic version Fusion is fitted with a photochromic lens with fantastic properties, minimal distortion and world class anti-fog properties.

Lens properties

Fusion Nano Optics Photochromic is equipped with a high-tech lens with photochromic abilities that automatically adjusts the darkness of the lens depending on the strength of the sunlight (UV light).  Read more here. The lens is formed fromunbreakable X-PC that has complete UV protection, minimal distortion, anti-scratch, anti-fog, multicoating  and is also hydrophobic.


Fusion is made from Grilamid TR90, a high-tech material which is super light weight and very flexible.

Fusion weighs 40 grams in full frame-mode and 34 grams without Jawbone.

Adjustment possibilities

Make each run count. Fusion is easily adapted to fit your needs. Without Jawbone on the morning run, to enjoy nature with a maximum field of view. Attach the Jawbone for the bumpy mountain bike run in the afternoon. The design is meant to fit different types of faces. The temple tips with wire core adjusts to find the perfect fit. The nose piece is also adjustable for the most comfortable fit. The lens is removable and can easily be switched to other high performance lenses that come in a variety of colors and filter categories (purchased separately).

Matrix vs Fusion

There is not much difference between our Matrix and Fusion models.The difference is the cut at the bottom of the lens, otherwise they have similar frames, meaning that you can easily wear a Matrix lens in a Fusion frame and vice versa.

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