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Santini Enigma Trisuit

Santini Enigma Trisuit
Santini Enigma Trisuit
Santini Enigma Trisuit
Santini Enigma Trisuit
Santini Enigma Trisuit

Our Enigma triathlon suit is designed to ensure a perfect fit and the best performance. It's made of an innovative fabric that allows the garment to dry quickly, improving performance in the swim leg and making transitions much easier.

The leg finish feature internal honeycomb grip for a secure fit. Mesh sides and sleeves offer added breathability with UPF 30 protection. Double back pockets with side vents are practical to store your favourite nutrition.

The exclusive triathlon specific IMG seat pad with Tower Gel core ensures comfort throughout your race, absorbing shocks on the bike without absorbing water in the swim.

The graphics on the Enigma trisuit feature a minimalist but highly visible design. We placed the IRONMAN lettering in a bold, well-defined font, resembling a series of black dots. The use of these monochromatic dots in modern, minimalist designs adds a high-tech touch, giving it a futuristic aura.

- Sleek fit

- Mesh sides and sleeves with UPF 30

- Leg bottoms finished with internal honeycomb grip

- Double back pocket with side openings

- IMG pad with Tower Gel technology

How to take care of your Santini cycling and triathlon wear

Here are a few of the secrets that we've learned over the years to keep your kit performing at its best and last longer.

- Wash it at 30°C / 86°F

- Use the new Santini POWER CLEAN SPORT detergent, totally biodegradable and dermatologically tested

- Do not use fabric conditioner

- Avoid the tumble drier

- Avoid using washing powder, favor liquid detergent

- Turn the garment inside out

- Wash similar colours together

- Wash straight away

- Do not iron

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