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Retul Body Geometry Fit


The right bike fit maximizes comfort, efficiency, and power to optimize your cycling experience.
Retül Bike Fitting provides highly accurate and comprehensive bike fit data, the most advanced training for fitters, and is used by more professional cycling teams and professional triathletes than any other bike fitting brand.

Services at Bike Fit Studio

-Retül Body Geometry Fit

Ride Faster. For Longer.
Tailored 2–4-hour consultation
Appointments available almost every day
Purpose built, private studio
Fully certified, experienced bike fitter
Retül Vantage 3D Motion Capture System
Full report and follow up

Who is it recommended for?
Competitive cyclists
Cyclists looking to improve their performance
Those training for a sportive, triathlon or long-distance ride
Those buying their first bike, or upgrading to a better bike
All disciplines, including road and MTB

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